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03 December, 2007

Cape Town Dating Tips # 1

Helping YOU Score. Yes, you over there.

The following pickup lines are pretty killer and were specially designed for the Cape Town club scene. You will need to be fairly confident to pull them off though. To get your juices flowing, you should probably look to join a Cape Town dating site first. Fresh Meet is a pretty easy way to meet people, and one can register for free in minutes. Click here to register.

Once you feel confident enough, proceed to club and let the magic begin:

#1 Do you come here often?
The lamest line ever, right? Wrong! Said with the right amount of charisma and slight sarcasm in your voice, this can turn into a rather witty opening line. Try it, it just might work.

#2 Have you read The Secret?
The second lamest line ever, right? Wrong again! Said with the right amount of charisma, this could be a good ice breaker. So you haven't actually read The Secret? Who cares? No one really has! It's just one of those books that everyone claims to have read, like the Harry Potter books. Or The Bible.

#3 My friends have disowned me and are presently drinking at the bar. Could I dance with you in the meantime?
Said on the dance floor naturally, and with a slightly bemused and embarrassed expression. This will lead to an invitation to dance with member of the opposite sex. It's now left to you to close the deal with some witty banter. If you're rather dull and boring though, you're just wasting your time. If you're a bad dancer, you will also be wasting your time.

#4 You're a horrible dancer. Just horrible.
Said to the flossie who thinks she is the sexiest thing on the dance floor, grinding with everyone for a minute or two before moving off and flirting with someone else. This line will no doubt grab her attention and she'll be giving you a blowj*b by the end of the evening. This line will only work if you're good looking though, ugly people who use this line tend to get slapped in the face, or kicked in the groin area - sometimes simultaneously - which is never a good thing.

#5 You have stunning eyes. Can I take them home with me?
Said in a light hearted way, followed by a chuckle at the stupidity of your comment will no doubt break the ice of the coldest heart. Be warned though, this line can also make you sound creepy in a Jason Voorhees sort of way. If you're dressed in a yellow rain coat with a fisherman's hat you should probaby NOT use this line, as you may well find yourself thrown out of the establishment. Then again, if you ARE wearing a yellow rain coat with a fisherman's hat you would probably be thrown out ANYWAY. Watch what you're wearing, that's all I'll say on the matter.

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