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Friday Feel Good Jams

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The Friday Feel Good Jams

Because Shaun Loves Fridays And Feeling Good. And Jam. He Loves Jam.

There is nothing I love more than watching a good music video. Seriously, it's my favourite thing in the whole wide world.

Okay, probably not, I think I'm just feeling a little emotional right now.

Anyhoo, here are some of my favourite little ditties to further enhance the Friday feel good mood.

06 June, 2008

Friday's Feel Good Jam # 8

Charles and Eddie

It's Friday, which means it's time for our regular Friday Feel Good Jam and today we have - huh? What was that you just said? I haven't done this in months?

Well, maybe we weren't feeling good for a while. Maybe we were on anti-depressants and didn't want to bother with Youtube clips of popular music videos. Ever think of that? No, I thought not.

Insensitive prick.

Anyhoo, today we feature Charles and Eddie, with that perrenial favourite "Would I Lie To You (Oh Yeah)". Charles and Eddie were a pop group consisted of two guys named, funnily enough, "Charles" and "Eddie".

Charles and Eddie
Charles and Eddie. Who Were In A Pop Group Called Charles and Eddie. That's Irony.

How cool are these guys. I love the white guy's little bit of facial hair he has going on just below his bottom lip. I've tried growing mine for ages but it's difficult getting the length right because my hair grows so quickly. In fact, in the time I've written this I've alrady had to shave twice. True story.

Anyhoo, let's get down and groove to this Friday's Feel Good Jam:

That was awesome. So what happened to these cats? Well apparently the black guy died a few years back, so that kind of derailed their plans for global stardom.

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23 November, 2007

Friday's Feel Good Jam # 7

The Song By Those Three Chicks From The 90's. The One We All Liked?

It's Friday, which can only mean one thing. It's Saturday tomorrow. On a side note, it's also time for this week's Friday Feel Good Jam, which features none other than 90's girl group Jade, with their smash single "Don't Walk Away (Boy)", a bit of a club-anthem back in the Summer of 93.

Let's have a closer look at our girls:

Jade - Giving Us A Closer Look
Jade - Giving Us A Closer Look

Well, what a lovely pair of ladies. With the voices of angels, as the below video will clearly show. Pay close attention to their harmonizing at the beginning. Incidentally, my voicemail message uses something similar, making use of the melodic and talented voices of The Gupster (Officially Cape Town's fifth most eligible bachelor) as well as Steve O.

Anyhoo, let's get down and groove to this Friday's Feel Good Jam:

Wow, very cool. I especially liked the end bit when they make loving sounds. It made my little guy "feel funny", I don't know why, it just did.

Jade of course never really reached the heights of this single again. They faded into obscurity much like local disc jockey Barney Simon, and within three years of this track they completely vanished.


What happened to them?

No one will ever know.

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16 November, 2007

Friday's Feel Good Jam # 6

The Ugly Fat Dude Who Sings Opera Like A Pro.

Or is it the fat ugly dude who sings opera like a pro? I'm never sure which order these things go in. Nevertheless, today's Feel Good Jam is none other then Nessun Dora, that operatic treffer first made famous by Luciano Pavarotti, who of course recently died after a long battle with arsehole cancer. Paul Potts doesn't have arsehole cancer, but he certainly shares Pavo's booming voice.

Paul Potts - A Face Only A Mother Could Love. Or Someone He Met On The Internet.
Paul Potts - A Face Only A Mother Could Love. Or Someone He Met On The Internet.

Paul was the winner of Simon Cowell's latest reality show, Britain Has Talent, which is basically like Pop Idol, except they allow ugly people to enter too. When Paul walked on stage he was just a chubby guy with bad teeth, who managed a Cellphone Warehouse branch, which is like a McDonalds, but with phones. When he left the stage he was still a chubby guy with bad teeth, but he was ALSO a bonafide legend. Check this video out.

How awesome was that? He actually made the hot female judge weep, and if he wanted to, he could have probably made out with her backstage.

To cut a long story short, he won the whole competition and then used some of the money to spoil himself. So now he is a chubby guy with a good set of pearly whites. And that, dear friends, is why people enter singing contests. To fix their teeth.

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09 November, 2007

Friday's Feel Good Jam # 5

Snow Won't Turn Informer

As a precocious 7 year old, I often had crazy and slightly eccentric dreams and ambitions. Whilst my peers were content to pick their nose and play hopscotch, I was preparing to launch my music career as a pretend emcee who rapped in a quasi-Jamaican accent in such a way that made it difficult to understand what I was actually saying.

Of course, my dreams of global stardom died the day Snow emerged with his one and only hit single, Informer.

Snow - Killing Shaun's Dream.
Snow - Killing Shaun's Dream.

This music video is noted for the dodgy early 90's fashion, which consisted of overly large shirts and tortoise shelled spectacles, which were all the rage at the time. Also notice the obligatory cool black friends for street cred purposes, although they seem to be drinking champagne in what looks to be a tiny broom closet, so the budget for this music video must have been fairly smallish. No Malibu mansion this time around Snow, maybe for your next hit single. Oh, wait.

To this day no one really knows what the f**k Snow is actually saying.

Judging by the video, I believe it has something to do with jail time and sleeping with lycra-wearing large black women.

But I could be wrong.

Strangely enough, Snow never quite reached the heights of his first single, and went on to make mediocre pop music in the Canadian market, where he can still be found to this day.

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26 October, 2007

Friday's Feel Good Jam # 4

A La La La La Long Long Li Long Long Long. Come On.

First off, let me just say that you are not REALLY reading this on a Tuesday, you DID in fact read this on Friday, making this the 4th installment of the Friday Feel Good Jam. This isn't a massively delayed article at all, if you actually believe that then you are wrong. Drink some warm milk, eat some cookies and have someone put you to bed. Moving on...

The Inner Circle was the name of the gang I headed up during my infamous Catholic Primary School Days, where we would beat up our enemies with sharpened rosary beads and boiled holy water.

Inner Circle also happened to be one of my favourite reggae/ragga/pop groups of the early 90's, with their hit song, A La La La La Long, which was also conveniently just known as the Sweat Song.

One of Shaun's Favourite Reggae/Ragga/Pop Groups Of The Early 90's
One of Shaun's Favourite Reggae/Ragga/Pop Groups Of The Early 90's

It was only later during my more formative years that I realised what a dirty little ditty this actually was. Play it, listen carefully to the lyrics and you will see why.

Crikey, what a sexually charged up little number that was!

Basically in layman's terms, they wanted to make the girl sweat, sweat till she couldn't sweat no more, and - if she cried out - they were going to push it. Push it, push it some more.

The 90's was a strange time where one could easily get away with releasing filthy tracks like this to mainstream radio. Other adult-themed pop songs from that era would of course include Boyz II Men's infamous "River Runs Dry", which highlighted men's infertility, as well as Shaggy's "Oh Carolina", about a drugged up prostitute who sleeps with incredibly old men, and then kills them with a set of rusty pliers.

Boyz II Men got away with their song because they had such lovely melodic voices and looked like black choir singers, whilst Shaggy avoided controversy because, well, no one could really understand what he was saying, it just sounded really nifty, and was fairly easy to dance to.

In fact, were you to....

.... I'm actually going to end this right here, my tummy just started doing flip flops, I have to go now. I'm really sorry.

Tot volgende keer.

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19 October, 2007

Friday's Feel Good Jam # 3

Chaka Demus And Pliers Want To Be Teased

Ah, 1993 - the year I got my first tattoo, had my first cigarette, and signed my first multi-million rand empowerment deal.

1993 was also the year Chaka Demus and Pliers released their smash single "Tease Me", which sold 14 billion records, a record which was later eclipsed by the enigmatic Kurt Darren. Chaka Demus was the "rapper guy", who sang in that funny way that made it difficult to understand what he was saying (like Shaggy or Shabba Ranks). Pliers was the singer guy.

Chaka Demus (What Is He Saying?) And Pliers (Singer Guy)
Chaka Demus (What Is He Saying?) And Pliers (Singer Guy)

Let's have a look at this cool and slightly late Friday Feel Good Jam. In fact, let's all jam together right now. Like the Jamaicans do it.

Wow, what a cool song that was. I'm almost tempted to whip out my mustard pants and bright green dinner jacket and shake what my mother gave me.

I think it's fair to say that Chaka Demus and Pliers are pretty f**king cool. Besides that single, they also released a biggie called "Murder, She Wrote", which of course was the inspiration to the cult television show starring Angela Lansbury, as the super sleuth Jessica Fletcher. Personally I never get the whole Jessica Fletcher vibe. I mean, everywhere she went, people just seemed to die.

Jessica Fletcher - Everywhere She Went, People DIED.
Jessica Fletcher - Everywhere She Went, People DIED.

No wonder she didn't have a man, or close friends. Every time she spoke to someone, they usually ended up either getting stabbed with an ice pick, shoved down an unused elevator shaft, or shot with a small silver gun.

I was always baffled by how no one ever seemed to question the fact that she was in the vicinity of + - 150 deaths? Didn't anyone think that was a little STRANGE? I'm not sure, but I think the last episode may have revealed something along the lines of Jessica actually being a serial killer all along. At least, I hope that's what happened. I never actually watched the show because the thought of an elderly woman solving violent crime seemed pretty far fetched to me.

Anyhoo, I'm scraping the barrel here today, I'm not really in the mood to write anything. It's just I started a bit of a thing with this Friday Feel Good Jam and I can't just stop now.

It's Friday and I'm off to drink away my problems for a bit - one more sleep for the Rugby World Cup final!

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say, "Springboks, don't f**k up now."

Till next week.

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05 October, 2007

Friday's Feel Good Jam # 2

DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince Kick Off Summer

It's Friday, and what better way to celebrate Summer than with DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's anthem, "Summertime"?

Well, can you think of a better way?

Exactly, you can't. That was a rhetorical question. I KNOW there is no better way to celebrate Summer on a Friday, I was just messing with you. DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince are probably the greatest rapping duo of all time. Jeff provided the instrumentals, whilst Fresh Prince was the vocalist.

Or "emcee" (M.C) as the youngsters call them these days.

Many people may not realise this, but DJ Jazzy Jeff was actually christened "DJ Jazzy Jeff". He was literally BORN to be a disc jockey! How awesome is that?

The Fresh Prince, on the other hand, was not christened "The Fresh Prince". That would just be ridiculous. No one knows his real name but he was quite famous for bearing a striking resemblance to movie star Will Smith, of Independence Day and I, Robot fame.

They could practically be twins.

The Man Christened DJ Jazzy Jeff, And The Will Smith Lookalike.
The Man Christened DJ Jazzy Jeff, And The Will Smith Lookalike.

Let's have a look at this cool Friday Feel Good Jam, feel free to sing along. You know you want to.

One simply has to marvel at the special effects, which makes it appear as if Jeff and Fresh Prince's legs have been cut off, and that they have a mind of their own.

Also notice the trendy hairdo's of the time, very big in the late 80's / early 90's. I myself was a proud owner of "the box cut" for many years as well, until a girl I wanted to sleep with told me it was crap. So I cut it. But she still didn't sleep with me.

Which just goes to show, you should never change for anyone. Just be yourself, like DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince.

So whatever happened to these guys, I hear you ask?

Well, Jazzy Jeff is currently a music producer for a variety of B-grade R&B singers like Jill Scott. Who is Jill Scott? Exactly.

The Fresh Prince has simply just vanished off the face of the earth, unlike his doppelganger Will Smith who has become a mainstream movie star and will soon be seen in the new Vampire / Zombie flick, I Am Legend, which also just happens to be the name of my as-yet-unpublished autobiography.

Which I think is what we call irony?

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28 September, 2007

Friday's Feel Good Jam

The Beach Boys In A Shockingly Cheesey Video

It's Friday, and what better way to get the weekend started than with a cheesey music video from the 80's?

The Beach Boys hit single Kokomo is the perfect treffer for a warm Summer's day, when you're lounging at the poolside in your favourite Hawaiian floral shirt, getting your feet rubbed out by your loved one, whilst nibbling on Lays Caribbean Onion and Balsamic Vinegar flavour.

The Backstreet Boys Of The 60's?
The Backstreet Boys Of The 60's?

Looking at the video below, it's amazing how uncool the Beach Boys appear to be, with their buttoned up shirts and frog like features, yet it's very likely that they ended up having sexual relations with all the women featured on film.

This song was featured in the Tom Cruise flick, Cocktail, a movie which briefly had me toying with the idea of becoming a professional barman, until I saw Top Gun, which then lead me to become a maverick fighter pilot instead.

I'm not quite sure what John Stamos is doing in this video though. You will see him playing on the bongos at the back, wearing a pink shirt. This would have been quite ballsy thing to do at the time, because pink was not yet considered to be an acceptable colour on heterosexual men. Way to start a trend there, John Stamos.

John Stamos is of course best known for getting to sleep with Mystique from the X-Men movies who - when not morphing into other people - is also known as Rebecca Romijn.

It was rumoured that they broke up after Rebecca morphed into Bob Saget, John's co-star from his Full House days, whilst giving him what the French call oral pleasure.

The Beach Boys never did much after this comeback album. I think they toyed with hip hop for a little bit, but listening to old white men rapping about "blunts, bitches and forties" didn't really appeal to the masses.

Still, a good effort nonetheless, and modern day boy bands such as Westlife and the Backstreet Boys certainly have a lot to aspire to.

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